Best Medical Treatment of the Finger Infection

There are main ways through which a person can have the finger infection treated. Many may opt for the natural remedies such as the use of the vinegar to soak the infected finger. The medical fraternity has come up with ways that the finger infection can be treated. The two main medical remedies include the use of the proper wound care and antibiotics. The severity of the finger infection causes the variance when it comes to the use of care for the wound. The wound care ranges from the simple incision and drainage of the wound to an extensive surgical of the wound.
The idea behind the use of the proper wound care is to have the complete removal of the infected material. The finger infections can be handled in two ways; outpatient and inpatient treatment and IV antibiotics.

Basic guideline on how to treat the types of finger infection

The main cause of the types of the finger infections are similar organisms in all cases thus the antibiotics to be used can be similar.

Antibiotics for finger infection of paronychia

In this case, the proper wound care can be used to treat the finger infection. The pus can exist thus squeezing is required to drain out the paste methods initiated to have the pus drained are varying and one can adapt the use of the scalpel to have an incision on the swollen part full of the pus. Instead of making the incision at the top of the swollen part, one can have the incision along the edge of the nail. There are instances whereby the nail will have to be removed and this happens when the infection is large. At this point, a doctor can make use of the anesthetic to have the pain-free undertaking.

Antibiotics for finger infection of felon

The different thing with this infection is that the pus accumulates on the fingertips thus demanding for the incision and drainage. The incision can be done on either one or both sides of the fingertips. To aid in the drainage, the doctor will have to insert the equipment and break up the compartments where the pus accumulates.
Another option to have the pus drained is making use of the sterile solution in order to remove the debris. Felon can also be treated through the use of the antibiotics and much care will be demanded.
finger infection

Herpetic whitlow

Protection of the wound is greatly needed in order to avoid another bacterial infection and further infections of the other parts of the body. Antiviral drugs can be used in order to shorten the duration of the infection. In this case, incision and drainage are not required as they tend to delay the healing process.

Infectious flexor tenosynovitis

It is the most complex of all types of the finger infection because the surgical operation and rapid treatment are required. The affected area has to be opened surgically to remove the debris and the infected material. The surgical operation is always accompanied by the use of the antibiotics to aid in the healing of the operated area and clear up the infection. With the great advancements in the medical world, worries concerning the finger infection have minimized almost next to nil.

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